Welcome to the Manor Fields Primary School 2019 Photo Gallery.

18.11.2019 - GALLERY UPDATE: All of the galleries have now closed. However if you'd still like to view the images we can open your child's gallery for up to an extra 24 hours. Please contact us direct if you'd like us to do this, thanks.

To view your child's image(s) please choose their class from the list below and enter the class password (lowercase).

Once in the class gallery please click on your child's name and enter their unqiue gallery password (this password is case sensitive).

PLEASE NOTE: For security, class and gallery passwords will only be issued by the school. If you enter the password incorrectly five times you'll be temporarily blocked from accessing the gallery (this can be for up to 24 hours).

All children have at least one image with most having two or more.

Full ordering information is included within your child's gallery including prints and prints with slip mounts, digital downloads, frames and more.

If we can be of any help please contact us.