28th June - 14th July 2017

Salisbury Playhouse Beginners Please!

Welcome to the Salisbury Playhouse Beginners Please galleries. Each school which took part in Beginners Please is here. Each gallery is password-protected.
Please contact your child's school for the gallery password. Please note: we are unable to give out the gallery passwords.
If you have any other questions please contact us
28.06.17 - Harnham Junior School29.06.17 - Pembroke Park School30.06.17 - Greentrees Primary School30.06.17 - St. Mark's Junior School03.07.17 - Clarendon Junior School04.07.17 - Alderbury & West Grimstead Primary School06.07.17 - Broad Chalke Primary School06.07.17 - Pitton Primary School07.07.17 - Harnham Infant School10.07.17 - Woodlands School11.07.17 - Bemerton St. John Primary School12.07.17 - Manor Fields Primary School13.07.17 - Stratford-sub-Castle Primary School13.07.17 - St. Martin's Primary School14.07.17 - Wilton & Barford Primary School14.07.17 - Old Sarum Primary School