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Wednesday 1st October 2014

Can you help raise £750,000 to help South Wiltshire and West Hampshire's breast cancer patients?

That's the call from the Stars Appeal on Thursday September 11th as they launch their latest campaign to build a new, dedicated unit for people needing diagnostic tests and treatments at Salisbury District Hospital.

At the moment, the consultations are dotted around the hospital, which is tough for patients as specialist nurse Shirley Holmes explains:

"One young lady I found in X-Ray, she didn't have her partner with her, her parents were in the other waiting area, and she just fell apart. There was nowhere to let her cry, so I'm hoping that under one roof, we are going to have the dedicated facilities."

The number of women being treated for breast cancer in Salisbury alone has rocketed up by 40% in the last two years.

Consultant surgeon Vicky Brown says they really need to improve the facilities as the demand increases:

"It will be a place of safety and security for ladies who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and a place that we can offer state of the art equipment with the latest treatment to diagnose those ladies in the first place. We know that there's a lot of ladies who have been touched by breast cancer, either themselves, family members of friends and we're just asking for everyone's support."

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