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A Different View of Salisbury - Salisbury Aerial Photography

March 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

March has been extremely busy...

... what with Mother's Day and mothers-to-be photo shoots, corporate shoots, new product launches and not to mention a few more of the Salisbury Big Business Event box photos.

I'll mention more about the photoshoots on another blog post  but I want to mention the opportunity that I had to take some aerial photos of Salisbury as the guest of Darren Candler from Metadas Media.  

Darren wanted to have his photo taken with the SBBE box but wanted to do something different and literally 'think outside the box'.  So on a bright and sunny but cold and windy, early Spring Tuesday morning we eventually took the skies above Salisbury.  I say eventually because it turns out that small planes suffer from the cold as much as cars and humans do and it refused to start.  Luckily with the second one did start and although it was very windy it was still safe enough to take off.

Salisbury Cathedral and close looking south with River Avon on the right. Sarum looking west towards Woodford Valley and Stratford-sub-Castle.









We had about 20 minutes of flying time which was enough time to get a photo of Darren with the SBBE box and for plenty of aerial photos of Salisbury including Salisbury Cathedral, the Cathedral Close, Old Sarum, Harnham, Salisbury City Centre and much more.  The inhabitants of Salisbury, myself included, can sometimes forget how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful and picturesque part of the world.  Being 1500 feet up reminds you of this and shows the fantastic views over the small cathedral city in the countryside.

For more aerial photos please click here.

For more of the SBBE box photos please click here.

Due to the amount of interest in the photos I have made them available for purchase and for every sale a donation will be made to the Stars Appeal at Salisbury District Hospital.

Many thanks to Darren Candler for arranging the flight and to Jemma and David at GoFly at Old Sarum Airfield.


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