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Exceeding your expectations of a wedding photographer

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Any wedding photographer worth their salt doesn't simply turn up to your wedding and click away while hoping to get one or two good shots of the bride and groom and then put the pictures on a disc and leaves you both to it.  

An experienced professional wedding photographer doesn't email their customers on the morning of their wedding or other event and cancel blaming the weather or any other reason why they can't be with you.

An experienced professional wedding photographer doesn't take a deposit without meeting their customer first and they certainly don't send emails requesting payment of the final balance still without having met their customer for the first time.  Also they never say that they are ill as an excuse for not contacting their potential customer when they were actually enjoying a drink down the pub with their mates!

An experienced professional wedding photographer is someone who listens to what their customer wants, what they don't want and then tailors a service that meets and exceeds their customer's expectations.  They don't try to force a particular product or service on their customer or insist that they be with you all day long if you really don't want them to be there for that amount of time!

Unfortunately all of the above examples are true and from real people who have been let down by so-called experienced professional wedding photographers.

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An experienced professional wedding photographer is more than just a photographer.  They are someone who can help their customers with many other things from pinning on button holes, reassuring nervous or shy guests, helping children get involved and preparing for your wedding long before the big day.  Above all they are honest, reliable and able to multi-task.

An experienced professional wedding photographer doesn't take centre stage but instead captures the formal pictures that you want, the little details like rose petals on the church floor and the many other moments that most brides and grooms don't see on their wedding day.  They are there to guide and encourage your wedding guests so that you have the wedding photos you want.

An experienced professional wedding photographer is fully insured, CRB checked and accredited with respectable trade associations to provide reassurance and credibility for their customers.

Simon Ward Photography is an experienced professional wedding photographer but please don't just my word for it, please see some of our customer testimonials here.  We are judged by our customers who are the lifeblood of our business.

Working with you to ensure you have the wedding photography service you want, you liaise with the photographer right from the start, after all it is they who will be photographing your big day isn't it (you'd be surprised)! We don't offer Platinum, Gold, Silver or even Bronze packages but tailor a bespoke service designed entirely around what you want for your wedding day.  We don't do hard-sell, we don't cold-call and we don't artificially raise our prices to offer you a big discount if you buy on the day.

Customers tell us that they choose us because we are exactly what they want in terms of price, product, service and because we didn't put pressure on them.  We have excellent relationships with many of the leading wedding suppliers and venues in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and beyond.  We're also in the July edition of Salisbury Life too (see below)!

We are having a record 2013 and bookings for 2014 are also well ahead of expectations. 2014 will also be our fifth birthday and we're very much looking forward to it.

To find out more about us why not pick up the phone, send us an email or like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

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