Simon Ward Photography | Salisbury Floods - January 2014

Salisbury Floods - January 2014

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Salisbury Flood Pictures - January 2014


The saying is that "it never rains but it pours!"  And pour down it has done in Salisbury and south Wiltshire over the Christmas and New Year period!

I was contacted by Grasmere House Hotel in Salisbury on Wednesday 8th January.  They asked if I'd like to come and take a few pictures of the flooding that they'd had.  Coupled with a shot of a recent wedding I'd photographed there we put the two pictures together to show the true extent of mother nature's doing.  Effectively the Rivers Nadder and Avon had merged into one due to the extensive rainfall Salisbury had experienced.

After publishing the picture onto social media I was contacted by Simon Parkin, ITV Meridian's weather presenter, asking if I had any more 'before and after shots'.  After having a look through my archive of pictures (which was larger than I thought), I found three pictures that were similar to ones that I'd taken on Wednesday.

Thankfully Grasmere House is fine, it's just most of their back lawn is currently underwater!

These pictures were then used as a montage on ITV News Meridian on Thursday 9th January 2014.  Below are the before and after images and a brief video of the piece on Meridian.

My thanks go to Simon Parkin, Stacey Poole and all at ITV Meridian for using the pictures.  Thanks also to the Grasmere House Hotel for inviting me along to capture the extent of the flooding.


SWP_Salisbury-Floods_08.01.14_001SWP_Salisbury-Floods_08.01.14_001 SWP_Salisbury-Floods_08.01.14_003SWP_Salisbury-Floods_08.01.14_003 SWP_Salisbury-Floods_08.01.14_004SWP_Salisbury-Floods_08.01.14_004 SWP_Salisbury-Floods_08.01.14_002SWP_Salisbury-Floods_08.01.14_002



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