Twelve Weeks On From Lockdown

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Temporary Tesco DriverTemporary Tesco DriverTemporary Tesco Driver Temporary Tesco DriverTemporary Tesco DriverTemporary Tesco Driver


Twelve weeks ago today I started my temporary job at Tesco. It's also just over twelve weeks since Boris told us all to stay at home.


It feels like a lifetime ago and lots has happened in since then.


Back then, I don't think many of us knew what would happen the next day, let alone the next week!


I had in my head that I might be at Tesco for about twelve weeks. Now that my 13th wedding and all of my summer events have either postponed or cancelled, it's safe to say that I'll be with Tesco for a while yet. That isn't a problem because I'm genuienly enjoying the job, it's been a great experience so far and I've met some great people, both colleagues and customers.


I wanted to keep myself busy and useful, while trying to bring some money in. I didn't expect to lose just over a stone in weight on the Tesco Dotcom diet though! 🤣


I am thankful to have had the opportunity to do this job because many can't work, many have had to work from home, many have had to self-isolate, many have had to shield for at least twelve weeks and many people have sadly died from this damn virus. We've all been affected by Coronavirus, some more so than others.


The studio has reopened for small photography jobs but I think we're all in this for the long haul so my business and my Tesco shifts will work side by side for the foreseeable future.


All bar a handful of shifts have been fine, dry and sunny. As I head to The Donheads and Shaftesbury in my little two-seater Merc, tonight isn't one of those sunny shifts! 🤣


Keep taking care of yourselves and look after each other.


#TemporaryTescoDriver 📸




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